Perseid Meteor Shower (Tears of St. Lawrence) from Punta Planka

Event Details

Observation of Perseid Meteor Shower (Tears of St. Lawrence) from Punta Planka
Start of event: 12.08.2018 at 22:00

Meteorites or the celestial fireflies took the attention of the observer.
One of the most beautiful of these is the Perseid meteor shower, commonly known as Tears of St. Lawrence.

This year you will have the opportunity to watch it on one of the most attractive locations on the Croatian Adriatic coast – Cape Ploča (Punta Planka).

The observation will be moderated by the Croatian astrophotographer Saša Nuić, which will give you important information about Perseids and other meteorites. Then, with the expert guidance, you can observe the sky and try to catch as many meteors as possible with your own eyes.

Punta Planka with its dark sky will give you the possibility of catching a large number of meteors. This observation will take place next to the church of St. John from 14th century which would also contribute the mysticism of the whole event.

As Perseids observation will take place in a lying position, each participant should take a beach towel with him.