Stars from Punta Planka

Event Details

Sky Observation from Punta Planka

Event starts: 4.8.2019 at 21:00

Location: Punta Planka (Cape Plate)

Punta Planka is not only a meeting point of the sea currents, climatic zones, dividers of the Adriatic … it is also a wonderful location for observing deep space objects. Its protruding position away from the light pollution of major city centers gives the opportunity to observe objects millions of light years away.

Visitors will be introduced to the constellations visible in the summer sky, look at the sickle moon – our closest space companion, and then the gaseous giants Jupiter and Saturn.

The mystical atmosphere of space travel will also be contributed by the Church of St. John from 14th century at the location.

The observation will be moderated by Croatian astrophotographer Sasa Nuic.