Event Category: Tradition

We invite You to the traditional EASTER BREAKFAST, on Easter day, after Sunday Mass (expected around 11:30 h) on the ‘old’ seafront in Rogoznica, below the church stairs. WELCOME!

Location: Rogoznica island to peninsula Gradina Time: 10:00 h  – The painting of our Lady of Chapel is returned from the main church at Rogoznica island, back to its’ chapel at the peninsula Gradina. The painting is followed by very big procession on the land and by the sea.

Location: Riva (Rogoznica seafront) Time: 21:00 h – Event ‘Awakening of the Dragon’, is a unique staging of the ancient legend of the Dragon’s eye lake and the dragon Murin, which will be held along the Rogoznica waterfront. We will present the story of true love that transforms the world. This is a story about […]

Observation of Perseid Meteor Shower (Tears of St. Lawrence) from Punta Planka Start of event: 12.08.2018 at 22:00 Meteorites or the celestial fireflies took the attention of the observer. One of the most beautiful of these is the Perseid meteor shower, commonly known as Tears of St. Lawrence. This year you will have the opportunity […]

Public astronomical observation with telescopes Time of event: 16.08.2018 from 21:00 – 24:00 Location: public playground ‘Lokvica’ On August 16th, everyone interested will be able to see the universe close-up, as it looks through the telescope’s lens. Telescopes are not only spatial but also ‘time machines’ – they shorten spatial distances and thus approach the […]