Cape Planka and its mood was first mentioned in the oldest preserved descriptions of the eastern Adriatic coast. It was known to Greek sailors under the name of Diomede’s Cape in the 6th century BC. Homerus in his work ‘Iliad’ reveals that after the Trojan war Diomedes himself, who was one of the greatest heroes […]

In the wonderful environment of Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica, in July this year, an exhibition of art paintings with sea motifs by Petr Lichtenberg from the Czech Republic will be held. Petr is a regular guest at Rogoznica, and his wish was to have art exhibition in beautiful Marina Frapa and Rogoznica. All guests are […]

Location: MARINA FRAPA Start: 21:00 h Rich summer program in Marina Frapa will further enrich the evening of traditional klapa on 12.07. Klape that will entertain audiences are: Klapa MRIŽA, klapa PODVORJE, klapa ORŠULICE (women’s klapa), klapa STINA, klapa PONISTRA and klapa KOPARA. The cultural entertainment program of Klapa night starts at 21:00 and the […]

Location: Rogoznica island to peninsula Gradina Time: 10:00 h  – The painting of our Lady of Chapel is returned from the main church at Rogoznica island, back to its’ chapel at the peninsula Gradina. The painting is followed by very big procession on the land and by the sea.

Traditionally, the 19th consecutive year in the most beautiful and awarded Croatian marina on the Adriatic in Marina Frapa Rogoznica Resort will be held the prestigious beauty contest Miss Adriatic Europe 2019 in which 16 beautiful girls who come from different Mediterranean countries including Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and many others will compete for the […]

Sky Observation from Punta Planka Event starts: 4.8.2019 at 21:00 Location: Punta Planka (Cape Plate) Punta Planka is not only a meeting point of the sea currents, climatic zones, dividers of the Adriatic … it is also a wonderful location for observing deep space objects. Its protruding position away from the light pollution of major […]

Public astronomical observation with telescopes Time of event: 06.08.2019 from 21:00 – 24:00 Location: public playground ‘Lokvica’ (street Don Ivana Jurčeva) On August 6th, everyone interested will be able to see the universe close-up, as it looks through the telescope’s lens. Telescopes are not only spatial but also ‘time machines’ – they shorten spatial distances […]

– Event ‘Awakening of the Dragon’, is a unique staging of the ancient legend of the Dragon’s eye lake and the dragon Murin, which will be held along the Rogoznica waterfront. We will present the story of true love that transforms the world. This is a story about courage, love, loyalty, and the triumph of […]

After a successful boxing show in 2018, this season we are preparing you even more spectacular show with popular athletes and people from boxing world. More detailed information about this year’s boxing spectacle you will be able to find on Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica social media networks, official website and in the media. Frapa Box […]

World Top Model is a world-class contest for models, which has a tradition since 1990, and many nowdays famous world models have been through this worldwide famous competition. In 2019, the host of this event will be Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica. The final night of World Top Model 2019 will take place on Saturday, September […]

After last year’s successful business regatta Frapa Business Cup this year, Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica re-organizes a prestigious business regatta for its business partners. This year Frapa Business Cup will be held from October 10th to October 13th at Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica and the contestants will have a race in Rogoznica and Primošten Aquatoria.

We invite You to the traditional EASTER BREAKFAST, on Easter day, after Sunday Mass (expected around 11:30 h) on the ‘old’ seafront in Rogoznica, below the church stairs. WELCOME!

TUNA FEVER- Rogoznica 2020, is a tourist fishing event that takes place from 19.08. until 23.08.2020. organized by Rogoznica Tourist Board and fishing club “Big Game Croatia”. This event is the 6. international qualification in Big Game Fishing, which is also a ticket for participation in the 2021 World Cup in Costa Rica. Throughout 3 […]