Public astronomical observation with telescopes

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Public astronomical observation with telescopes

Time of event: 06.08.2019 from 21:00 – 24:00
Location: public playground ‚Lokvica’ (street Don Ivana Jurčeva)

On August 6th, everyone interested will be able to see the universe close-up, as it looks through the telescope’s lens. Telescopes are not only spatial but also ‘time machines’ – they shorten spatial distances and thus approach the object and at the same time look deeper into the universe, we see how the universe once looked. To some objects that we will observe light has traveled for several million years.

With moderation of the Croatian astrophotographer Saša Nuić, you will be available to see craters on the Moon, Jupiter’s Strips, Saturn’s ring, twin stars, galaxies and other astronomical pearls.

Please do not use the lighting at the observation location not to interfere with other observers.