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Apartments WAVE

Nicole Dvorneković Mezaroca 4, Ražanj, Rogoznica, 22203 +385998009090 apartments.wave.razanj@gmail.com facebook: Apartments Wave Ražanj

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Apartments MOVAR

Marija Nasufović Ražanj 150, 22203 Rogoznica +385 91 333 1051 nasufi@yahoo.com


Apartments RUŽA

FRANJO JERAJ Varoš 47, Ražanj +385 98 165 7801 +385 22 310 823 nevija.cirko@gmail.com nevija.cirko@apprrr.hr


Aparthotel eM-Ka

Aparthotel eM Ka*** is situated in Ražanj, close to the well known Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. It lies on the shores of pure, azure blue Adriatic sea and offers its guests an unforgettable ambience of the Mediterranean. This is a traditional fishing village with crystal clean sea, many beaches and piers. Guests who look for […]


Apartments TEREZA

IVAN JURKO VAROŠ 53, RAŽANJ +385 91 521 6468 zvonimir.jurko@gmail.com