Kanica is a small tourist place in Rogoznica area, situated in a bay located 11 km away from Rogoznica (by mainland), and includes parts of the village Kanica at the east and Oštrička Luka on the western side of the peninsula. It is ideal for a peaceful, quiet and pleasant holiday and also for those […]


Zečevo Rogozničko is one of the biggest villages in Rogoznica area. On its east side it is connected to Rogoznica, and it stretches from the Lozica bay to the bay Peleš and includes neighborhoods locally known as Lozica, Little Zečevo and Old Zečevo. Distance from Rogoznica center is about 2 km. On the 10 kilometers […]

PODGLAVICA (Stupin Čeline)

Podglavica (Stupin-Celine) is a tourist place in Rogoznica area which continues on the east side of town Rogoznica, and extends along the upper and lower side of the main Adriatic road (Jadranska Magistrala). Tourist part of this village is better known as Stupin-Celine, based on the names of two bays belonging to this place. Old […]


Stivasnica is a tourist place located in the bay connected to the south side of Ražanj, 12 km southeast from Rogoznica, near the Punta Planka (Cape Planka or Cape Ploce). Due to its geographic location, beaches in Stivasnica are mainly rocky, covered with concrete terraces and some pebble stones. Perfectly clean sea, peace and quiet, […]


Dvornica is located 8 km east from Rogoznica, between Zatoglav on the west side and bay Sicenica at the east. It is situated 91 m above the sea level and is ideal for lovers of demanding bike trails and hikers who love peaceful vacation and nature. Dvornica is characterized by a large number of small […]


Zatoglav is a quiet tourist place located in east part of Rogoznica bay. On the land, it is only 5 km away from Rogoznica town center, and by the sea less than 1 km. It is located between Podglavica (Stupin Čeline) on the north and Ražanj on the south. It also includes district locally known […]


RAŽANJ is a small town situated in a bay 11 km southeast from Rogoznica, connected on its south side to the village Stivašnica. Traditionally, Ražanj has been fishing village, and at early 70s of the 20th century the construction of holiday houses began and its coastline started to develop tourism. Today Ražanj also includes neighborhoods […]