Church of St. Nicholas

The St. Nicolaus Church is located in the bay Lozica, northwest of the peninsula Rogoznica, in the part called Staro selo or Vecchia Rogoznica. This extraordinary protected monument of sacral heritage dates from the beginning of the 14th century, although archaeologists and historians consider it to be older. The church is oriented in the direction east-west, with a rectangular shaped base, with a semi-circular apse on the east side with distinct Gothic characteristics. A specific attraction is the font positioned outside the church, on the left from the entrance door.

Once it served as the parish church for the ancestors of today’s inhabitants, who emigrated from Bosnia around 1301 together with the Franciscans, fleeing from Turkish conquerors, until they moved to the island around 1601. Nowadays holly mass is celebrated in the church on St Nicolaus Day, the o6th December.

Around the church is an early Croatian cemetery with uncommon tombstones. On Stećci tombstones with lunar and astral symbols there are also images of tools characteristic for these and nearby regions. Especially interesting is the board with visible traces of an inscription in Latin written in Gothic script which is unusual as well as those with a seven-point star, very rarely encountered both on gravestones and Stećci and on other images.