Dvornica is located 8 km east from Rogoznica, between Zatoglav on the west side and bay Sicenica at the east. It is situated 91 m above the sea level and is ideal for lovers of demanding bike trails and hikers who love peaceful vacation and nature. Dvornica is characterized by a large number of small settlements with old stone houses that have witnessed the traditional way of life of the region from ancient times to the present day.

Near the village there are two wells which are popularly known as “Roman” wells.
They have circular shape with diameter of five to six meters, are very deep, and walled by the method of ‘suhozidi’ (dry wall, stone to stone without connecting material).
According to the old stories, they existed at the time of the ancient Romans, and the water was used for drinking. Wells were a meeting place for local people. Young girls were picking the water, and young men were coming to them for a company. Many of them fall in love at this place. In addition to the well, there is also a large puddle, which was used as a source of water for the livestock.

In the center there is a supermarket and sports court.  For guests looking for sea activities, neighboring village Kanica approx. 1km, beside nice beaches offers diving, fishing, water skiing, paddle boats and kayak rentals and taxi boat.