RAŽANJ is a small town situated in a bay 11 km southeast from Rogoznica, connected on its south side to the village Stivašnica. Traditionally, Ražanj has been fishing village, and at early 70s of the 20th century the construction of holiday houses began and its coastline started to develop tourism. Today Ražanj also includes neighborhoods known as Ljoljinica, Mezaroca and Varoš that form one unit with the old part. Since it is in distance from the main road (6-7 km from the main road in Podorljak) and protected by hills, village Ražanj retained its quiet Dalmatian atmosphere.

Tourists have at their disposal a large selection of beaches: the largest number of beaches are rocky areas covered with concrete terraces, and for families with children because of the shallow sea, the most suitable is pebble beach around Cape Varos. In the town center there is a market, café bars, restaurant, information center which is located next to a small open market with an offer of fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh fish.

Above the village, there is a hill Movar whose peak offers wonderful panoramic view of the sea, islands and wider Rogoznica area. On Cape Movar there is a votive chapel of St. Anthony built at the end of XVIII. st. (for rich fishing catch), where every year on 13.06. Mass is held starting at 09:00 h. Chapel can be accessed by the land along the gravel path as well as by the sea.

For active holiday, there is a bike trail, and in the neighboring Stivašnica there is a sports court for basketball and football, and boccia court. From Ražanj to Rogoznica (2 km by the sea), during the summer season there is a regular daily boat line.